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    Ravel Morrison Twit-ter Tw@t

    I mentioned last week that despite his abundance of talent, he is, and always will be a troubled problem child who cant stay out of the headlines for the wrong reasons.


    Due to knowing him through the kids and the scum in Wythenshaw he surrounds himself with, Im not convinced he will ever be anything but a problem for us.
    Fergie is handling the situation by not rushing him very well, and if he cant handle it then it might be best to let him go. Im sure the only destination after United will be the blue square premier, remembered as another talent squandered.
    I have no doubts in my mind that Fergie will know exactly the best way to handle this boy.

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    • Agree with you, I don't want to see a permanent change of position for him, but I do expect him to start in the middle today.

    • Rooney is ok in midfield, but we lose so much attacking thrust without him just in front of midfield making things happen.

    • It would be nice, but it won't happen Stefan. Much more likely that Rooney will play in the centre again. Best we can hope for is a decent performance that allows Fergie to put Pogba on at some point in the second half without any pressure on him

    • I was following this on twitter as it happened. There has been a major overreaction to it. It was silly of him to rant on twitter, but he clearly knew he'd been silly as he quickly tried to back out of it with the holiday claims. He'll get a clip round the ear for it, and deservedly so, but its not on a level of his past problems. At least this showed the lad wants to play.

      I would say though, that I think Fergie is managing him well by keeping him away from the limelight until he is mentally ready for it. I'd love him in the first team now, but if he's going to rant in a public domain about being benched in a reserve match, I don't think his head is ready for the first team. Thats all thats holding him back imo. If he had the right attitude and maturity level, i'd bet he'd be a regular on the bench by now.

    • or maybe he has just developed early? nah, wouldnt be dramatic enough!

      not played a league game yet but if utd get rid of him suddenly he is a wasted talent.

      if he is good enough he will make it, despite being an idiot.

      just look at the other idiots especially the english 1s who have made it.

      i think we over hype & exagerrate everything in football these days. the amount of times u hear world class these days must mean there are more world class players/goal/save than average 1s!

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      • sorry but I can`t see what the latest fuss is about. So he ranted a bit on twitter because he was unhappy at being left on the bench and got the verbal equivalent of a clip around the ear by Rooney. Now if he had gone out and smashed something up because he was unhappy at being left on the bench that would have been news and would have been something that would make utd wonder if it was worth keeping him. And compared with some of the comments posted by established players on their twitter pages its pretty mild - its certainly not in the same league as Barton`s comments when he was at newcastle.