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  • jim w jim w Nov 17, 2011 21:00 Flag

    What more does he have to do?

    2 more goals from Morrison tonight as Reserves go top. Pogba and Petrucci also stood out, but how can United hold this kid back, its so easy for him at this level.

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    • What he can do is 'make the difference'. Goodness me, we are talking about playing up to 90 minutes on a football field, not running the country. What is wrong with you people? Let him play.

    • I agree with everything you say devon, but my question is , how long is he going to be allowed 'protection' ? I don't mean play him every game, but a game here and there, to show us what he can do

    • Of course SAF knows better than us, given than he sees him most days/ everyday. But there is a risk of being overly cautious. Wilshere was in the papers for all the wrong reasons well before the half way point of last season. It didn't effect him - he still performed fantastically. Football seems to be this kid's muse. He seems the sort of character who benefits from it, and when he plays is in another world - one often hears stories of old school footballers as kids 'taking the ball everywhere, even to bed'. Morrison appears one of those. Throwing him in at the deep end may just sort him out, giving him a sense of responsibility, and within a controlled setting, which is more than Gascoigne got when he moved to Tottenham. With regards to hype, the very same thing has happened with Alex OC at Arsenal, and Wenger has endorsed it, while very cleverly pulling the kid back, thus dampening it. The same could be done with Morrison.

    • Morrison is 18 which should mean that he has something like 15 years or so of football ahead of him so why rush a player who may not yet be mature enough to handle the media pressure that will come his way. Why risk seeing him fall apart and throw away the rest of his career because it might provide a quick fix to utd`s midfield problems when waiting a few months may ensure that he reaches the heights we all hope he can. As for saying that Messi was playing at 18, so what - every player is different and just because one talented player is ready at 18 doesn`t mean that every talented player is. I would love to see Morrison in the 1st team but I can also see why SAF won`t risk him until he believes he can handle the pressure both on and off the pitch.

    • Sorry, I meant chris, not jim

    • Given that these megabucks club owners like the Arabs how do the get away with owning more than 1 club round Europe then? do you have any idea what the rules that held arsenal were?

    • True jim. But I think ity's time to find out what he's made of. He's 18. Messi was already playing for Barcelona at 18

    • Alan, can't do it, outside the rules as they stand. Arsenal tried it several years ago in Belgium and had to pull it.
      Anyway, Morrison is so bloody good that all this doesn't apply. I think Fergie might be a bit worried about the subsequent hype, he probably realises that there will be quickly calls for him to go straight in the England team etc etc, He knows he has a nugget of gold and doesn't want to take any chances, but soon, very soon he will have to.

    • 'But it doesn't, or shouldn't affect most in the workplace.'

      It shouldn't, but it almost ALWAYS does.

    • I agree with Jim. Everyone, I think, has personal problems. But it doesn't, or shouldn't affect most in the workplace. Morrison is good enough. One of the problems, as with Pogba, is if United lose a game or two, will the fans turn on them ?

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