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    January Transfers

    1) If Vidic is out for as long as is feared, this combined with Evra and Rio's continued frailties makes signing a defender a necessity. I'd favour one who can play in the centre and on the left if necessary, and is of a good age - Vertonghen at 24 would be perfect.

    2) A midfielder. God knows who that could be.

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    • 1/ Definately could do with another defender now the worst is confirmed. It would be ok if we knew the rest could make it through a season fit, but on the past couple of seasons evidence, and this one so far, thats highly unlikely. Rio can't play week in week out and the Da Silvas haven't stayed fit for more than a couple of matches at a time. Smalling and Evans have already had injuries also, and while Jones is a fit young bloke, we'll burn him out if he has to play every match.

      As has been mentioned, Gary Cahill would be a reasonably priced realistic target. With him out of contract next summer, I wouldn't expect him to cost more than £8-10mil.

      2/ I was happy to trust Fergie not bringing in a central player in the summer, if the reasoning was due to Pogba and Morrison being fast tracked. That isn't happening (yet at least), so we're still definately lacking in this area. Doubt anything will happen in January though

    • January transfers are always tricky as players can take the rest of the season to settle in, especially if they come from outside the premiership. Remember how poor Vidic and Evra were when they first joined utd. There would be little point in signing a player who for the first few months could be more of a liability than an asset. Also there is no guarantee that the right player will be available, especially if he is at a club that has a reasonable chance of a trophy - any club in that position would be reluctant to sell any of their best players. There is no indication that the injuries picked up by the twins are long term and that could mean that utd would be at full strength at the back apart from Vidic by the time the transfer window opens. And frankly I don`t favour knee-jerk reactions - if a player is already on utd`s wish list and he becomes available in January that`s fine but buying players just to cover for an injury doesn`t make any sense neither financially or on the pitch. So if utd can`t get a player they really want they would be better off just promoting the likes of Fryers, Pogba, Petrucchi and Morrison.

    • Gary Cahill could be available as a cover for Vidic in January.

      Has plenty of EPL experience hence zero time to acclimatise to the physicality of the league.

      Will come cheaply as Bolton are very desperate to offload in order not lose his services for free in the summer.