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  • "Cahill has no long term future at utd and I`m sure he wouldn`t want to join a team where he would end up playing second fiddle to Jones and Smalling "?

    Don't be silly, devon. Cahill is a very decent player than you're giving him credit, and vastly underrated because he plays for Bolton.

    Cahill has proved his credentials at senior international level and did feature in four out of the last five games for England.

    On the other hand, Jones and Smalling unproven at senior level unlike Cahill who came in and did a great job for England. I'm pretty sure he will be guaranteed a place in the Euro 2012 party because of his glaring qualities.

    As Keano rightly said, "you've had Jones, Smalling and Young coming in, everybody building them up, but they've got a lot to do."