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  • Now , boys and girls direct your attention to the exhibit on the far left.....and this will be the last of our classroom tours of peabrain dinosaur of bygone eras. This particular dinosaur is called the Europasellus Manchesterlickarse-saurus. Note its tiny cranium and its large Shrek-like feet. This particular dinosaur evidently began devouring its own limbs until its whole species starved to death and turned to dust.

    • Coming soon to a theater near you , its that well-loved all-time classic "Europa" , starring Boris Karloff , Bela Lugosi , Alex Ferguson , Vincent Price........all the great horror actors. Your blood will chill , you'll be unable to catch your breath as the thrills and spills of "Europa" unfold.

      Though we all know the sad ending to this epic horror film isn't it still quite a treat to watch the puny humans...especially Al Feguson try to escape their inevitable doom. We all love horror flicks. Blood will spill and you will thrill. Don't miss "Europa". And for the kiddies there's roger rabbit outwitting shrek in the cartoon feature.

      We rate this flick 3 stars.