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  • slice us off a few wedges of europa Clive theres a good fellow. it doesn't taste so bad if you slather it in dijon mustard. our houseboy fergie will be by later to pick it up.

    exactly where is europa , Reginald? turn right at Norway , make a 360 degree turn and meander fretfully between Deutchland and Gaul. and for god's sake should you encounter any natives please don't mention the War. shhhhhhhhh ! mums the word.

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    • Go and scratch your scabs elsewhere you pip.

    • I remember her well , Elmer , a lovely lass , I think her name was Europa. Though permanently cross-eyed she had a certain charm that you just don't see in other mongoloids. I believe she mentioned that her dear father was from Venezuela.....or was it Coventry? No matter , all the scars have mostly healed and skin grafts are always a positive move usually sometimes perhaps.

      Its very encouraging to hear that she has quit the prostitution and now has steady employment up in Manchester. And it's true that castratrixes make top coin. Good for her.

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      • Now , boys and girls direct your attention to the exhibit on the far left.....and this will be the last of our classroom tours of peabrain dinosaur of bygone eras. This particular dinosaur is called the Europasellus Manchesterlickarse-saurus. Note its tiny cranium and its large Shrek-like feet. This particular dinosaur evidently began devouring its own limbs until its whole species starved to death and turned to dust.