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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 11, 2011 19:43 Flag

    Criticism of OUR team

    You're on ignore Beaky (Rikky), but I will make an exception this time and reply to your hypocritical rambling.

    "And his famed 'youth' policy in tatters."

    You mean the same 'youth' policy that produced Jack Wilshere, England 'sole' creative world class midfielder (if not world class already getting very close to be classed as such).

    You mean the same 'youth' policy that produced Sczcneny, a better golakeeper than De Gea and Arsenal didn't have to fork out £18m on him.

    You mean the same 'youth' policy that produced Alex Song, did you see the way he caved out the German Champions in the CL? Watch his excellent defence splitting pass to release RVP in yesterday's match against a decent Everton side?

    I can go ON and On, but I don't have the time.

    Also, the fact that Arsenal progressed further than Man U and City in the CL is indicative of progress, whilst your mob embarrassingly turfed out of the CL competition by an average Basle side, likewise City.

    Take off the blinders, Rikky.

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    • Oh dear Deeprick. Wilshere is the only one you mention you could call a home product.

      You paid £1m for Song.

      You seem to think getting someone like Sczcneny at 17 is indicative of people coming through the ranks.

      Your youth policy is in tatters, you're just too blind to see it. If it was that good why buy 5 players in the last chance saloon? "I can go ON and On, but I don't have the time" - no, you don't have the names.

      Is losing 8-2 and being behind us in the league 'indicative of progress'?