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  • I speculated yesterday that Mendes was behind this deal, and the Independent have run a detailed stoty today about the structure of the deal put together by Mendes. Unless Benfica get a 'crazy' offer from someone else before the summer it looks like this will happen.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Rhodes is on his way as well.

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    • "I think you'll find that my role on here is very clear" - yep; it is. You are the complete dick you set out to be, and we all recognise that.

    • Prof, I Iike having Jones and Smalling at the back as they enable us to play a high line, and impose ourselves on our opponents, which we rarely seem to do tbh, despite high scoring matches. Both are better on the ball than Rio ever has been, and act as dual sweepers. If Jones is ever going to learn positional sense, it will be now, between the ages of 19 and 22. Smalling is already very good in that respect.

    • " trying to appear 'balanced' "

      Naah, I've never claim to be a balanced poster stefan.

      On the contrary, I think you'll find that my role on here is very clear.

      Just an example of what I do successfully on here, I remember one of your lot claiming ''Carrick to be the best passer of the ball in Europe''. I was the very first poster who shot the ill-thought-through claim to pieces.

      I point out the glaringly obvious inaccuracies which can go undetected by fellow fans of the club, if that makes me a jealous abu or whatever, so be it.

      But I'd rather have people like yourself on my side who will tell it like it is rather than blinkered fans who are still living in denial and believe that Man U are the best side in Europe despite the evidence pointing differently.

      I leave you in peace stefan and have a great day mate.

    • School's out for Christmas I see. Your tactic of trying to appear 'balanced' rather than the abu you lived up to so successfully up until a fortnight ago is failing rather spectacularly. Off you go, the sanitarium's waiting.

    • "Play Jones where he was bought for, not where he looks good against weak teams, but is very likely to be found out against the good and great ones. "

      Are you by any chance Slayer in disguise, stefan?

      You seem to be *stealing* my lines, lol.

      You will pay a heavy price for daring to be different on here stefan -- tread carefully son.

      Great minds and all that, ey!

    • Jim, it would be nice if Fergie provided the platform for this guy to express himself, if and when he comes - a bid for a Tiote-sort would be ideal, or more simply, blood Pogba please.