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  • " trying to appear 'balanced' "

    Naah, I've never claim to be a balanced poster stefan.

    On the contrary, I think you'll find that my role on here is very clear.

    Just an example of what I do successfully on here, I remember one of your lot claiming ''Carrick to be the best passer of the ball in Europe''. I was the very first poster who shot the ill-thought-through claim to pieces.

    I point out the glaringly obvious inaccuracies which can go undetected by fellow fans of the club, if that makes me a jealous abu or whatever, so be it.

    But I'd rather have people like yourself on my side who will tell it like it is rather than blinkered fans who are still living in denial and believe that Man U are the best side in Europe despite the evidence pointing differently.

    I leave you in peace stefan and have a great day mate.