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  • From my experience, the longer Pogba is dithering to sign on the dotted line the less chance of him extending with your mob.

    Until he fully commits himself to the Man U project by extending his contract, don't be taken in by flimsy interview quotes, they all do that believe you me especially when his agent has assured him that there's better offer elsewhere than Man U are offering. Not that Pogba gives a fuck where he's playing anyway, e.g. Nasri.

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    • "from your experience" - experience of what? If utd chose to evoke the 1 year clause in his contract Pogba has 18 months left, which is the same as Ferdinand. I don`t see anyone talking about any `dithering` either by utd or Rio over a new deal for him. The time to talk about dithering is if no deal has been agreed by the summer.