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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 21, 2011 01:06 Flag

    Liverpool are a disgrace

    If press reports are right then liverpool appear to be tying themselves up in knots in their attempts to get Suarez out of his ban. Their statement claims that it was just Evra`s word against Suarez`s however further comments which appear to have come out of Anfield say that Suarez is a victim of his own honesty in that he could have chosen to keep stum but instead admitted to using the n word once. If that is the case then it doesn`t seem to have ocurred to them that to be racist a comment doesn`t have to be said a certain number of times, once is enough. Then we are told that Suarez didn`t hear the abuse aimed at him by Evra and now according to some reports liverpool`s defence is that the player used the n word in response to the use of the words `South American` by the utd player. Lets hope the fa decide to publish the reasons behind their decision because I think that`s the only way we are going to know what the evidence is either way.