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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 21, 2011 15:05 Flag

    Liverpool are a disgrace

    Authorities should generally resist acting in an authoritarian or nannying way. They should resist getting involved in private stuff between individuals when they can. On the football pitch, general chitchat between players including each other names is not something the referee or FA should get involved with. However, if it is directed at the referee the players should be instantly penalised. For example, telling the ref to f*** o** should be a straight red card. Players saying it to each other should be ignored.

    Rightly or wrongly we have laws concerning racism, sexism, religionism, disabledism and various other isms I've forgotten. Also, we have a history of racism in sport which the football authorities are putting some effort into countering. So it seems appropriate that if players racially abuse, or abuse in other ways, other players that the authorities should regard this as something more serious and not to be allowed in football.

    And that's why I see it as appropriate to charge Suarez and Terry on the one hand, but not Evra on the other.

    Wasn't a player once charged with making homophobic remarks or gestures at Graeme Le Saux? What happened then?