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    Liverpool are a disgrace

    Its not their defence of Suarez that stinks but their continuing attempts to pressurize the fa in to banning Evra - their latest claim is that Evra used "abusive" language towards Suarez. If every player who used abusive, as opposed to racist language on the pitch was banned clubs would struggle to field a team. Liverpool`s attempts to get Evra banned are on a par with the waving of an imaginery card by players who are attempting to get an opponent booked and are equally unacceptable. Indeed I am struggling to recall any other attempts by a club to get a player banned. Clubs often draw incidents to the fa`s attention but I think they usually stop short of telling them to ban the players involved.

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    • In some ways Devon I agree with you.

      Wording it at the end of the statement seemed to me at best an attempt to get Evra some form of punishment and, at worst, an attempt to draw attention away from Suarez.

      It does give the FA a problem though. If Evra has admitted to abusing Suarez then they can either ignore it (confirming that it is fine to abuse players in any way you see fit as long as you don't refer to their race) or charge him. What do you think they should do?

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      • At the moment no one has officially accused Evra of abusing anyone and if anyone did then we'd venture in to the theatre of the absurd.

        Every match would have half a dozen cases - how many times do you see a player swearing at an opponent who's just made a bad tackle or dived, etc?

        I think the Liverpool statement is a bit childish and amateurish.

      • I have wondered what I would expect United to do if the 'boot was on the other foot'.
        I would expect them to be generally supportive of their player ( Cantona's kick). I would expect them to be cautious about making public statements about appeals until legal advice was carefully weighed as the FA have a habit of increasing rather than decreasing punishments on appeal.
        I would hope and expect them not to indulge in petulant accusations of other players of clubs. This just makes you look cheap.
        On this basis Liverpool have over-stepped their reaction by the fairly direct attack on Evra and by inference from the way its worded , United. I have some sympathy with their reaction to losing their star forward for so many matches, but they have over-reacted. As a club they have responsibilities for the conduct of their fans in future matches against United, this does nothing but harm.
        Two other thoughts. Firstly Liverpool's US owners will take a very dim view of employing a convicted 'racist'. They are very sensitive to this sort of thing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is pressure to remove him from the payroll.
        Secondly, Suarez has 'history' for fairly horrible behaviour. He was suspended for 7 games in Holland for biting an opponent. Of course we all remember his 'sporting behaviour' in the last world cup. He is a very good footballer, but is a nasty piece of work.

      • This case has never been about abuse on the pitch. It's been about racist abuse on the pitch. If Evra didn't racially abuse Suarez then LFC are way out of line in trying to get him punished.


    • Hi Butterfly

      I think you might have missed my point above. The LFC statement is claiming that Patrice raised it in his evidence and Luis didn't hear it.

      If that is true then neither the club nor the player would have raised it beforehand because they would not have known about it.

      As for the FA dismissing it out of hand ...

      As I have posted elsewhere if the LFC statement is correct and the FA dismiss the abuse that Evra has admitted then it causes them a problem along the lines of "some abuse is ok but others is out of order"

    • There's a big difference between the two abusive remarks.

      One is outlawed, the other isn't but considered as bad mannered and impolite.

    • This is certainly a can or worms but it's totally unrealistic to expect the FA to investigate every bit of verbals that goes on in football. This incident is exceptional because of the racial element. So is the Terry case. The fact that Terry plainly called Ferdinand a "fucking knob head" is not of interest. The only thing of interest is whether when Terry apparently used the word "black" it was part of an insult. Nothing else would seem to matter.


    • If press reports are right then liverpool appear to be tying themselves up in knots in their attempts to get Suarez out of his ban. Their statement claims that it was just Evra`s word against Suarez`s however further comments which appear to have come out of Anfield say that Suarez is a victim of his own honesty in that he could have chosen to keep stum but instead admitted to using the n word once. If that is the case then it doesn`t seem to have ocurred to them that to be racist a comment doesn`t have to be said a certain number of times, once is enough. Then we are told that Suarez didn`t hear the abuse aimed at him by Evra and now according to some reports liverpool`s defence is that the player used the n word in response to the use of the words `South American` by the utd player. Lets hope the fa decide to publish the reasons behind their decision because I think that`s the only way we are going to know what the evidence is either way.

    • Devon I think you to find a woman and stop worring about football your in serious need of a bunk up

    • Hi again Butterfly

      I don't know what the Evra remark was (do you?) so I am not able to compare them. That said, given that Liverpool's statement didn't refer to race, then I assume it wasn't as serious.

      But that isn't my point. I've already said that I think Liverpool were wrong to raise this in the context of the Suarez decision (although, without knowing what he said, I'm not going to say that they were wrong to raise it at all).

      My point is that, given that it has been raised, it does cause a problem for the FA. If they charge then they open themselves up to having to charge lots of individuals (as other posters have pointed out). If they don't charge, then they are saying some forms of abuse are acceptable whilst others are not.

      What do you think?

    • Hi Devon

      "however further comments which appear to have come out of Anfield say that Suarez is a victim of his own honesty in that he could have chosen to keep stum but instead admitted to using the n word once"

      If that is true it is damning and disappointing in the extreme. I have just gone to the official website and can't find it anywhere - could you tell me where you have seen/heard it?

      I agree that the fa and/or Liverpool should publish the reasons behind the decision.

    • I dunno if you're right in what you think the police would do or if you're right that the FA would behave in the same way.

      My view, for what it's worth, is that the FA should say that any form of verbal abuse of one player to another is wrong and should be punished (I think their own rules already cover it). In the same way I think that any form of cheating (not just diving) should be punished.

      Fans/regulators/players and commentators seem to have gotten used to "the way it is" in our game and don't seek to challenge it.

    • I don't normally agree with anything the hacks at Yahoo! come up with, but I agree 100% with their comments about Liverpool's disgraceful statement in the wake of Suarez being found guilty.

      I think you are also bang on, dev.

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