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  • You're having a laugh.............

    Wigan hard done by again against Man U.

    Dowd will be very embarrassed when he sees that again..... very contentious decision to reduce Wigan to 10-man.

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    • I'm not sure what you've been voted down for on that comment. Nowt wrong with it.

      I was at the match yesterday in the East Stand. From my vantage point (looking at the incident from a similar angle as the ref albeit much further away) I thought Carrick had been elbowed in the face. Everyone around me did too and we reacted to it based on that perception. The bloke who sits next to me went for a drink at half time and saw the incident on a monitor. He came back and the first thing he said was "Never a red card. Terrible decision". I saw it on the highlights and agreed. Dowd then gave a penalty for a tackle outside the box. Before the game though we heard who the ref was and were a bit nervous. He is absolutely dreadful.

      Was there a match this weekend that a referee didn't ruin by the way? Webb's decision to give Everton a penalty was worse as it robbed Sunderland of two points.

    • Just got in from the match, looked a tad harsh to me. Easy to see why he gave it though. The lad jumped with his armed raised slapping Carrick in the face. I don't think there was any intent in it though, but i'm guessing from Dowds angle he may have thought Sammon through an elbow.

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      • Indeed, the red card was very harsh decision Steve and effectively killed the game as a contest. I stopped watching the Wigan match immediately after the sending off and tuned in to the City v WBA tie instead.

        Even Fergie admitted in his post-match interview on BBC Sports that the "red card was soft" and there was no malicious intention on Sammon's part.

      • I was sitting there thinking Fergie has missed a trick. It's always easy against Wigan, even when they have 11. I think the best they've ever done against United is a score a goal - no points ever.

        So why not have Pogba on the bench instead of Diouf? Diouf would never have got on with Rooney and Macheda ahead of him. Then Pogba could have come on instead of Rooney.

        Otherwise when will Pogba play? Blackburn? Bolton? Time is slipping by.

    • The way you ABU's go on it's as though Utd are the only club that get decisions,you think go their way

      . All swarm on here.

      Who cares were joint top.

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    • I hear some dogs eat their own shit.

    • Slayer and SB talking bollocks as usual, he threw his arm round at Carrick's face, off the ball, and didn't say a word when he was sent off.

      As to the penalty, it was on the line, a clear penalty, they replayed it four times from different angles, no doubt at all.

      Matchcast is bollocks, no wonder slayer and the bint talk such crap, if you didn't watch the game, don't comment.

    • getting pen decisions wrong is bad but wrongly given a red card to a player for nothing is terrible.

      i know the refs have a hard job, but this season they seem to be getting so many big decisions wrong or given shocking decisions like the red today, or blackburns goal from the corner when pedersen just ran with the ball direct from the corner, cahill sending off against us, stoke game against us-we could have had 4 pens, they should have had at least 2 reds,we had 1 wrongly disallowed offside goal, a harsh sending off for our player despite stoke players making much worse fouls etc.

      anyway, the list goes on & on & on .....................

    • well I haven`t seen it and I would be interested to know where you saw it. However, what I wlll say is its interesting to note that SAF chose to substitute the 2 utd players who were on a yellow card which could indicate that he`s worried that the ref`s having a bad game and he doesn`t want either of them to pick up a joke yellow, And if reports are right and he got the penalty decisions wrong - should have given it for a foul on Hernandez and the foul on Park was outside - then he`s having a stinker. Won`t really kniow if that`s the case till MotD tonight.

    • I`ll reserve judgement until I actually get to see the replays on tv cause as we all know how those who write their views on matchcast have been wrong in the past.