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    Complecency complecency comlecency!!

    From the coach down to all the players.This is one of the most upsetting results i've ever seen this season.i mean, with due respect,playing Blackburn at home! Why the hell did we start with this line up?is Rooney injured? The coach got it completely wrong in the first half and that for me cost us the three points.You can't underestimate a team in the relegation zone.What pisses me off is that we are playing at home in one of those fixtures we should be winning.Evra was shit,Carrick was shit..the Da Gaea was shit and the list can go on and on.Complacency is the name.

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    • Rubbish performance by us indeed, and shocking attitude as well.

      It's time that Fergie be held accountable for our plight and be forced out of the club!!! Same applies to the Glazers and Gill!!! These parasites are ruining the club!!(BTW i'm referring to not only the Glazers as parasites, but also Fergie and Gill as well.)

    • It ws like the basel and crystal palace games all over again. As I said in another thread too many utd players played as if they believed that all they had to do was turn up. For me the real sickener was the team`s failure to respond when blackburn scored their 1st goal, you would have thought it would have shocked them out of their lethargic state but they still continued to play at a very slow tempo. Midfield is usually where the tempo is set which is why I thought it was perverse for SAF to continue playing Carrick in defence and to leave the other 2 central midfield players on the bench.

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      • We played like we were on tranquilizers and couldn't care less, and that the opponenets were not good enough to face us. What made it even more galling was that Fergie still persisted with Carrick in mdifield and dropped Rooney for that game. The only consolation for us was that Chelsea suffered a home defeat of their won to Villa and City failed to capitalize on our loss. All in all i say, a total trainwreck.


    • Evra's teammates were calling him a lazy stupid nignog. Suspend them all for eight matches. This will sort things out straightaway for Madwanqcoon Excited. Glad that we could help out during this most stressful time.

      Happy Gnu Ear !