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  • Good point, but those 23 points away from home were largely from teams below top 7 sides.

    For a start, I won't bet against Chelsea winning the reverse fixture if Chelsea perform at the Bridge the way they played at OT, the two offside goals scored by Man U obviously had a negative influence of the result.

    Also, Arsenal won't have to raid our reserves to make up the numbers the way Wenger did when we lost 8-2 early this season.

    City and Spurs away would be very tough matches for Man U. 90 points for Man U is way too over-optimistic (imo).

    Only City are capable of reaching the 90 points target as they have quality strength in depth in all department than everyone else.

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    • dont worry, we never beat utd even at home!

      jim, i think u are being dramatic by suggesting u have a fight to stay in the top 4. u will finish in the top 4 for sure.

      its still between u & city for 1st & 2nd.

      fergie is usually ruthless but i feel he has been to soft on a lot of your players lately. there are a lot of arent good enough for u guys. a clear out of the deadwood & a top DM & attacking CM will do wonders for u!