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  • Steve Steve Jan 4, 2012 22:05 Flag

    Fully deserved win for Newcastle

    First things first, a cracking performance from Newcastle. They played their socks off and fully deserved all 3 points. Ba, Tiote and Cabaye are all excellent players.

    Crap all round from us. Very lacklustre, some awfully sloppy and lazy passing and no creativity.

    Lindegaard can't be blamed for any of the goals except for maybe a lack of communication with Jones at the end, but that would be harsh.

    Defensively poor. Rio was off the pace, Evra was again too slow to get back and didn't do anything going forward either, Valencia isn't strong enough defensively to play regularly at rightback, and his end product was poor forward also. Jones did ok but a howler at the end. Lack of communication played a part but he made a right mess of his attempted header.

    Nani has always blown hot and cold. Tonight he was ice cold! He offered nothing. His final ball was crap again. When he's on form he's superb, but there is no middle ground for him. He's either great or shit, and tonight it was the latter.

    Giggs was a little better second half, but his passing was by and large rubbish also.

    Park ran his socks off as always but offered zilch.

    Carrick the best of the bunch in midfield, but he's no creative force.

    Rooney still looked like he was hungover. Poor performance and Fergie was right to haul him off.

    Berbatov reverted back to type (no surprise). A short saunter round the pitch offering nothing.

    Welbeck improved things but couldn't do anything on his own. The other two changed nothing.

    Very poor all round and not the sort of response we should have seen after Saturday.

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