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  • Layla Layla Jan 10, 2012 18:19 Flag

    Kompany appeal rejected

    4 games & 80mins he misses because of that challenge.

    what is happening to our game?!

    gladly he misses the game against us!

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    • '4 games & 80mins he misses because of that challenge.'

      Yeah, and if he made contact it could have been 6 months out for Nani, or worse.

      If this had been against anyone other than United, it would barely be a talking point after the game. But of course its United, etc etc....we all know how it goes.


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      • "Yeah, and if he made contact it could have been 6 months out for Nani, or worse"

        talk about making things up off the top of your head and then saying it as thou its a fact!

        wow, u know for sure nani would have been out for 6mths!

        u doing that all the time is boring!

        also its just as boring u reading boring posts by me & than replying with thats boring!

        why dont u go to the opera. u hate & find opera boring , but for whatever reason u enjoy being bored so u can say that was boring.

        wow, u know for sure nani would have been out for 6mths!

    • Can't say I'm complaining as he's out of both legs of the League Cup semi, but it was a harsh card, especially that early in the game. But I've also got to say I was not impressed with Fergie's interview after the game where he said it was definitely a red. If memory serves I've seen one of those Brazilian twins (I always get them mixed up) doing the exact same thing a few times last season, but with players jumping out of the way fouls let alone cards were cards were not handed out. I get different people having subjective views on what is and is not a yellow or a red, but as we keep asking for consistency from refs, its hard to be too harsh when managers see things very differently depending on which side of a challenge their players are on.

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      • Well we`ve had consistency from the fa. 3 players sent off for similar fouls - Milijas, Barton & Kompany - all 3 appealed to the fa and all 3 appeals were rejected. Whether we like it or not this season the rules have been tightened and as far as I can recall there have been 4 incidents in the last few weeks - Lampard being the 4th - and in 3 of them the players were sent off. Given that refs are only human and are never going to get it 100% right that`s a pretty good level of consistency. As for SAF`s comments and the twins the key factor is that the rules have been tightened this season so what happened in previous seasons - including Callagher on Rafael (funny how you forgot that tackle) - isn`t relevant.