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  • Steve Steve Jan 10, 2012 16:02 Flag

    Kompany appeal rejected

    Its going to be interesting to see how City handle their squad starting to be stretched.

    We've had a lot of injuries to deal with while they've barely had a knock at all up until now.

    The next 4 matches in particular without Kompany and Toure also away will be a test for them.

    I see Mancini's response is to moan that his squad is too small. I had to laugh last week when he had the audacity to moan about spending restrictions being placed on him, this despite spending nearly £250mil in 2 years.

    As for the ban, the red was harsh on Sunday but i'm not surprised the FA backed Foy and upheld the ban.

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    • One thing for sure, if I were Mancini, I'd be very upset that Glen Johnson didn't even get a yellow for the tackle in their Carling Cup game.

    • "he could have easily said he could have not missed any time or been out for a yr."

      But he didn't, did he? He said he COULD have been out for six months, to which you replied, "wow, u know for sure nani WOULD have been out for 6mths! "

      You got it wrong because, in your rush to come up with a smart-arse answer, you failed to read his post properly.

      Keep squirming though, there's not much else going on here that's anywhere near as funny.

    • exactly, he is just picking a time at random! very pointless indeed. he could have easily said he could have not missed any time or been out for a yr.
      lets all post random guesses at time frames players could have been injured for.. that would make for a great board!
      we can call it the could thread.
      il start. rooney could have scored against newcastle if he didnt mis time kicking the ball.

    • Hey geordie girl, are you going to keep the same ID for a few years ? Do you remember NU FC 2 Man United 6 ?

    • On the contrary 'white Audley Harrison', its only the big games we lose in that bother me, ie Francenal, Liverpool and to a lesser extent Chelski!

      I expect the occasional small club to beat us in whats 'their cup final'!

      As you constantly prove, its all you've got, cringe worthy as that is!

    • I see that Arsenal's 24/7 resident message board troll has the cheek to accuse somebody else of being a message board troll.

      How very amusing!

      Almost as amusing as his notable absence from his football club's board after the 3-0 annihilation of Moanchester not-so-United by Newcastle United on the 4th January 2012.

      I bet you didn't enjoy that one ey, pishtopher? Having to watch your overated mob getting a footballing lesson off the geordies in a fixture which you'd once claimed that 'anything less than 3 points for Man U is a failure!'

      Your lot were as quiet as ever at St James Park, you'd hardly have realised that Man U had brought any away supporters, especially as they're only ever singing when they're winning!

      LMFAO - 3-0 I'm never going to stop chuckling over that one!

    • You always know what to expect from Spursbrat....everything will be anti-United, and she'll try her hardest to paint herself as some sort of unbiased, objective neutral.

      Used to be funny, now its boring beyond belief. Good to see more people seeing her for what she is now, just an ABU and a message board troll.

      And thick as pig sh*t of course!

    • steer's even

    • It was harsh, but if you go in 2 footed wildly with your studs up thats the risk you take.

      He got the ball and Nani avoided contact, but on another day he catches Nani and puts him in hospital for months on end. Just because he got the ball (forcing Nani to wisely get out the way) doesn't make it any less of a dangerous challenge.

      Foy was well within his rights to send him off, as would have been another ref who perhaps saw it as not even a foul.

      Its one of the more enjoyable controversial talking points of the game, unlike goal line technology, which is a no brainer!

      Citeh may get lucky this year in the fact that we're their only genuine rivals for the title, and we're going through this ugly transition period. Their squad is ridiculously strong, but they aren't that impressive for me.

      Aguero and Silva are a bit special though.