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  • Clive Clive Jan 14, 2012 12:17 Flag

    Jan market

    Fergie has said not a good time to buy, well we all know thats rubbish as Evra and Vidic were brought in Jan.

    And if Chelsea are going to buy Cahill then they at least see the merit of making thier squad stronger as and when needed.

    We all know Utd need to bring in players as our squad has been proven recently to not be strong enough for Man United, and if our scouts have not found players of ability that would be suitable, then sack the lot of them.
    If the price tags are the issue then Utd's poeople need to wake up, in the last year we have spent less on players than City, Chelsea, Spurs, etc, etc, and if we wanna be able to really compete against such teams we need to be able to challenge them in the transfer market.

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    • they won't go unless they get their pockets lined, and getting that won't be easy, and realistically there's nothing we supporters can do about that.

    • Whether we admit it or not we all know the puse strings are pretty tightly drawn and we know why.
      However to say we can't get players capable of exciting us is total rubbish, City may be trying to buy every player that we are interested but that policy will explode in their faces eventually just as it did at Stamford bridge

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      • and how did Vidic and Evra play when they first joined? Too many people forget that until they adjusted to the pace of the premiership Vidic and especially Evra looked like a waste of money. And that`s one of the main problems when players, especially from overseas, join midway through the season - by the time they have adjusted the season is all but over. Throw in that transfer fees are often inflated in January and a club could end up spending a lot of money on a player they could have got cheaper in the summer and whose contribution between January and May isn`t that great.