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  • Alan C Alan C Jan 15, 2012 13:40 Flag

    Unbiased question LOANS

    yet again on the sunday suplement the topic of loans within the EPL raised its head..what do you fellow contributors think, should they be allowed? From the point of view of limiting access to players to opposition teams and strengthening other teams who otherwise couldn't afford to be in contention. I personally don't agree with loans within the same league as the parent club, perhaps the players would learn more if loaned overseas and become broader players because of say getting loane out to Italy or spain or even Germany ?
    What are your thoughts, given you consider the pro's and cons for more than a couple of minutes

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    • Senior players shouldn`t be out on loan. A system that was introduced as a way of enabling young players to get valuable game time is being used to move around experienced internationals who don`t want a permanent move because they would probably have to accept a wage cut. It also enables clubs to hold on to players who they don`t want but suspect that their rivals do - whilst also ensuring that the player can`t play against them.

    • therefore devon that puts into context of younger players aren't really a problem but establishe players like adebayor or bellamy or other (what you'd consider senior players) are?

    • Last season despite being in financial difficuties, and apparently still owing one club money, cardiff were able to take Bellamy on loan because city paid most of his wages. Where is the incentive for a club to live within their means when they can use the loan system to help them get round any financial difficulties over-spending might cause them? And what about the other clubs in the championship, many of who work hard to stay within the limits of their budget. How do you think cardiff`s rivals felt when Bellamy lined up against them? As for the youngsters I doubt if many of them are on wages that are higher than the established players in the teams they join, especially if they go on loan to a premiership club.

    • You can't pay them less than their normal wages because it's in their contract.

    • The only way young players get experience of the EPL is by playing in the EPL. Reserve football is extended youth football, quite useless. Going abroad often results in a waste of time, sitting on benches or worse ( King recently, Macheda etc, or Pique being re-recruited by Barca). Unless the top sides are allowed to put their reserve sides into the Championship ( which I don't agree with from a 'neutral's perspective' ) the more EPL loans will continue.
      The very same hacks moaning about this are the one's moaning about too few young English players coming through. They are paid to moan, ignore them.