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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Jan 17, 2012 01:21 Flag

    city clear again.

    Yeah.&..your just a f***ing prick,whose's team cant win anything,so rely on others.

    Bitter ABU...having to put up with us winning major''s year after year,bet it must be a killer..hey geordie girl.

    The real Utd..always bounce back,sadly that cannot be said for your pathetic excuse for a team.

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    • The 'real' United?

      LMFAO it always makes me laugh when you Man U knobheads come out with that one, how can they be classed as UNITED when there's a few official Manchester football clubs around?

      Newcastle have been UNITED since 1892 whilst Newton Heath LYR Football Club became Manchester United in 1902, my lot are an older, senior club than yours, so live with it.

      The Toon even wore red shirts and white shorts well before Newton Heath did, thankfully NUFC ditched that sh*t common red shirt look and went for black and white stripes instead.

      How am I relying on others when my 'pathetic excuse for a team' have already stuffed your lot 3-0 and also took a point off them at Old Trafford this season?

      It's you who is BITTER!