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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 18, 2012 10:02 Flag

    What messages comply with board etiquette?

    Although I disagree with your opening comment, but overall an excellent post from you Syco.

    It is just sad that some posters take any criticism of their <faultless> players badly especially coming from an *hated* outsider like myself.

    Just an example, I posted on the Arsenal site after the Swansea debacle and referred to some of our players as weaklings and clowns who need to be shipped out for the good of the club. I see nothing wrong with calling it like it is? I guess that's price we pay for participating in a draconian site like this where people make up all sort of unfounded nonsense to sully peoples names and delete posts that differ from their way of thinking.

    This is my last post on here, and I mean it this time. I'm sure my detractors will rejoice and say good riddance.

    Goodbye all, and good luck for the rest of the season............

    All the best.

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