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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 17, 2012 14:01 Flag

    What messages comply with board etiquette?

    Can someone please advise?

    I posted a thread about my observation on goalkeepers and title winning sides.

    I personally don't think I've said something negative about Man U to upset the regulars, but it seems like someone took it wrongly and deleted the thread.

    Also, why are people attacking Spursbabe every time she posts and down-rating her posts on here? It's on record that she prefers Man U to win the league and means well with her remarks.

    What's the point of a chatroom if people aren't allowed to air their views on certain issues or say something different?

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    • Well said 'SB'.

      I think you can retire from slapping this Willy around safe in the knowledge that he is utterly deflated now girl.

    • funny how u clearly understand the part of my posts u want to argue against. but as soon as i put something u can't get out of or answer, u just say its incoherent!

      its all here in blk & white that u have avoided things u can't get out of!

      everyone can see it apart from u.

      & u wonder why people on your own board dont care what u think!

    • yes, because in all great novels i see "-" in nearly every sentance!

      dont make urself out to be clever or a top academic because u arent. if u were clever u wouldnt choose to get in to a argument with someone u see as being so stupid & incoherent.

      oh look, theres stephen hawkins using his big brain to argue with a slow simpleton. because thats what all clever people do according to u!

    • its like talking to a two-year old - the same rambling incoherent posts from u

    • If you post anything in the slightest bit negative about Man U on here then you can bet your backteeth one of the Man U message board residents is hitting that 'report' button quicker than you can say Newcastle United 3 - 0 Man U - LMFAO

      They're great at dishing out abuse on here and other boards but that can't TAKE ANY BACK!

      The bunch of licky bum snitchers that they are!


    • "u still here with your silly posts - why - no one cares what you think "

      "i am not asking you to reply but you do - why"

      yes will, your clearly not asking me to reply!

      u clearly find it too hard to ignore me will. aww sweet really.

      & if u havent noticed, no one on here cares about what u have to say. u are hardly king of the board will.

      & also its u that wants the attention from me! if u just ignored my posts u wouldnt be given me any attention. but u are given me attention by replying to me. whats sad is u dont even see it!

      i await another reply & more attention heaped on me by u!

      come on, u no u want to argue with me rather then talk about utd. more posts on me & slayer than utd today from u.

    • Slayer, you write a hell of a lot rubbish on these boards, and more often than not your blind hatred of United takes over and removes any objectivity you could display.

      However, I happen to agree with the sentiments of this post. I didn't see your original post but even if it was slating our keepers who really cares! I dare say our keepers themselves don't give a shit so I don't know why so many fans on here get so sensitive about anyone posting anything remotely anti-United. I for one enjoy the banter and views of non-United fans. Makes a refreshing change.

      If people don't like what you're saying, I wish theyd just put you on ignore and let the rest of us decide for ourselves, rather than reporting posts and censoring the board for everyone.

      You carry on posting what you want, its all part of the fun.

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      • There really are some over sensitive sould on these boards Syco.

        Nice to know their are still some sane beings around though.

      • Although I disagree with your opening comment, but overall an excellent post from you Syco.

        It is just sad that some posters take any criticism of their <faultless> players badly especially coming from an *hated* outsider like myself.

        Just an example, I posted on the Arsenal site after the Swansea debacle and referred to some of our players as weaklings and clowns who need to be shipped out for the good of the club. I see nothing wrong with calling it like it is? I guess that's price we pay for participating in a draconian site like this where people make up all sort of unfounded nonsense to sully peoples names and delete posts that differ from their way of thinking.

        This is my last post on here, and I mean it this time. I'm sure my detractors will rejoice and say good riddance.

        Goodbye all, and good luck for the rest of the season............

        All the best.

    • and there u go again - rambling on in your own inimitable crap style - yet no one cares and absolutely no one but no one wants your attention

      i am not asking you to reply but you do - why

      ignore user - most people are ignoring u but your to daft to understand that and keep posting your garbage

    • if u didnt care u wouldnt keep replying to my posts.

      u really need to learn what no one cares mean.

      desperate for my attention arent u? u want me to start replying & arguing with u dont u!

      u could just put me on ignore but u choose not to!
      u choose to reply to read & reply to my posts.

      yeh, just like u say, u dont care what i think lol

      ignore user- its under my name!

    • u still here with your silly posts - why - no one cares what you think

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