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    The Mail's Samuel and Ronaldo

    As regular readers of my posts will know I have never lost the feeling that the prodigal will return ( and I don't think Fergie has either). Today's piece by Samuel is mainly speculation, mainly but not completely.

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    • he would be a gamble at that price in a few yrs time.

      what do u mean u doubt ronaldo would cost 60m now?

      madrid would want the full 80m back if u were to buy him now.
      they wouldnt think he is 2yrs older so we will knock the pricedown.

    • You dont half talk some sh*t!

      Figo was 27 when he joined Madrid, for what was it, £37m??

      Zidane was 28 when he moved for £50m...sometimes the 'gamble' as you call it, is a bit of a 'no brainer' actually (right up you're street then - you'd think!)

      Ronaldo's legs can go, it wont matter, he doesn't rely on them nearly as much as people think. In fact people will remember his game went up a notch at United when he stopped trying to beat players solely with tricks and pace. Messi's game will go before Ronaldo's does.

      Besides that, as an athlete, he's on another level to most. He'll play until he's 40 easily. Times they are a changing!

      Also in two years a lot can change. I mean 2 years ago Torres looked well worth the £50m. I doubt Ronaldo would cost £60m even now. Remember, we didn't WANT to sell him!

      I will continue to dream of him re-joining, but send Rooney the other way please. With him and Berbatov off the wage bill, Ronnie might actually be affordable!

      'Gamble' she says....hes got 27 goals in 28 games this season...so far! 53 in 54 last year! Phenomenal!

    • das fuhrer? still using that joke. no fresh material.
      at least stefan talks bout football, u are more interested in personal attacks than man utd.

      actually, why do u post on here? i may not support utd but at least i post about them.

      anyway back to football,

      in a couple of yrs time do u actually think its sensible for utd to pay over 60m for ronaldo as well as his huge wages?

      that would be a huge gamble for utd!

      jim would take a gamble on it & stefan wouldnt, non big deal!

    • Why do people argue with Das Fuhrer?

      You know he's always right, knows everything there is to know about football, and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing.

      If he says Ronaldo will be finished in two years, then there's no room for argument.

      Just give in Jim, you'll never win.

    • He needn't go for anything above 15 million to buy quality midfielders. I'm starting to question our scouting system. I wonder how much Graham Carr is worth?

    • I didn't infer that. However funds may be selective, ie they may be 'found' for a very special purchase. I believe Fergie would persuade the Glazers to part with say £50m to resign Ronaldo when he would not go to them for £30m for a midfield player.

    • I didn't infer that. However funds may be selective, ie they may be 'found' for a very special purchase. I believe Fergie would persuade the Glazers to part with say £50m to resign Ronaldo when he would go to them for £30m for a midfield player.

    • Since a better team/squad has not been built from that money (I agree), when there are many many very good players who would improve the team in key positions where we're lacking, how on earth am I wrong in inferring that there is a perhaps lack of funds?

    • If expressing an opinion that I would not be totally surprised if Ronaldo returned to United and that personally I would be pleased is 'getting on my high horse', then so be it.
      I had hoped the money from his transfer would by now have been redirected to building a stronger team/squad, but in general , it has not. Perhaps there may be more developments in the summer, but I am not holding my breath. On the other side of the coin, United seem to be developing a way of potentially losing the cream of the crop of kids ( Petrucci is the latest to be within 5 months of end of contract).
      In view of this I am guilty as charged of hoping for the return, (unlikely as it may be) of the last truely world class star at OT.
      Mea Culpa.

    • A 'reasonable man' therefore wouldn't have an opinion of their own Jim. It's a shame you don't practice what you preach. You regularly state that Barcelona's players are taking drugs when you have absolutely no evidence. You cite that I have no evidence of Ronaldo's physical condition. You're right, I don't, but I, like most others I'm sure, are perfectly aware of what happens of that 'type' when they reach a certain age, which Ronaldo is now. You said after Ronaldo left that we could build a better *team*, one which was less reliant on an individual, but perhaps with a better standard of player across the board. It seems you've gone back on that opinion. So you'd rather we bought Ronaldo instead of buying a couple of quality midfielders, a left back and perhaps a centre forward? Get off your high horse.

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