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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 22, 2012 00:11 Flag

    Zhirkov Blows the Lid on Chelsea Player Abuse

    poor little soul, made to sit on the subs bench and sort out his own wife`s visa. Perhaps someone should explain to him that its not enough just to play when someone is injured you have to use that time to prove that you deserve to start when the injured player returns to full fitness. And Vito you need to look up the meaning of abuse cause although Zhirkov may not have enjoyed his time at chelsea he certainly wasn`t abused in any sense of the word.

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    • Nothing to add. Spot on Devon.

      Well, one thing to add. I think the stats will show Zhirkov never played ten games in a row. His main misfortune was the same as many others who have come to Chelsea: the competition for places is sufficiently high they never got the chance to establish themselves. Zhirkov was a bit like Ferreira - you could put him on and he probably wouldn't let you down, might even win you a penalty, but you'd always prefer to have a Lampard playing. Or even without Lampard, Zhirkov's obvious positions were where Ashley Cole or Malouda were playing, and they were better.

      Good luck to him with his new club and everything, but stories like this don't cut much ice.