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  • jul jul Jan 23, 2012 09:04 Flag

    More injuries again!

    about time the club insisted on proper boots for the players instead of these stupid slippers they're wearing

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    • You have to start wondering what we're doing in training and how we play the game when you count all the injuries - not just this season by recent seasons. Alot of impact injuries and muscle pulls.

      It's probably just bad luck but you have to wonder! As for the 'slippers' - I would agree if it weren't for the fact that it wont just be Utd players who wear them so I'm not sure you can blame them. If we slipped all the time, like Smalling and Jones against Arsenal... oh wait a minute.......!!

      Wasn't Jones' injury a weird one - he just seemed to turn his ankle to push off when all he needed to do was keep his ankle rigid - like any normal person would do!