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  • Steve Steve Jan 23, 2012 12:26 Flag

    More injuries again!

    Lets hope so mate!
    It certainly hasn't gone that way the past couple of months though! Every week we get a player back, we lose someone else!

    Completely agree with how well the squad have coped though. CL was a disappointment but to be where we are in the league is excellent. If we're still in a similar position after this next run of big games (Chelsea/Spurs away, Liverpool home) i'll be very confident for the title run in

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    • and lets not forget that other clubs have also had injury problems - and now withdrawals due to the African Cup of Nations - and their squads haven`t coped very well. I know people like to have a go at SAF when he says how good his squad is but I think the way in which approaches injuries by always saying its ok we have the players to cope is one of the main reasons why utd do cope. IIt must be a huge boost to a player`s confidence, especially young players, when a manager as experienced as SAF publicly says I have faith in them to do the job. Conversely it probably works the other way when managers use injuries as an excuse for poor results and therefore imply that the players taking their place aren`t good enough. I seem to recall Mourinho doing that a few seasons ago when chelsea had a a run of injuries and despite having what the press called the strongest squad in the premiership - based mainly on how much the players cost rather than how good they were on the pitch - he kept saying what a big miss the injured players would be and how difficult it would be to cope without them. And what do you know the players brought in played down to his assesment instead of playing up to the sort of faith SAF always shows to his squad.