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  • Steve Steve Jan 22, 2012 21:21 Flag

    More injuries again!

    Phil Jones could be out for weeks as Fergie confirmed he has damaged his ankle ligaments.

    Carrick struggled through the second half with a hamstring injury. Hopefully he's fine with a bit of rest.

    Nani and Rooneys have been described as knocks, so hopefully nothing serious. I was concerned about Nani's the way he hobbled off, wondering whether it would end up a metatarsal injury or something, but hopefully its nothing more than a bit of bruising.

    Add these to Rio out with his back again, Anderson out again, and the other long term absentees in Fletcher, Vidic, Cleverley and Young.

    If Carrick does struggle this week with his hamstring, we could be possibly left with only Scholes and Giggs as fit experienced central players for the Liverpool cup match! Not ideal at all.

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    • that must be one of the funniest posts ever - and i think hes serious

    • There is a chance Jones may be fit for Saturday according to Mike Phelan

    • Yes he is Alan, he was on the bench at the weekend.

      Jim, I agree Nani hasn't fared well against Liverpool, but he is still a loss and its about more than the match at Anfield. He could end up out for a month or more if a cracked metatarsal is confirmed. Its not ideal timing to lose one of our top players with the run of big games we've got over the next month. At least Young isn't far from a return

    • if we need defensive midfield cover, is fabio fit?

    • With Scholes,Giggs playing together,we will lose even to the awful dippers.

      No proper Midfield/Defence...all b*oddy injured.

    • The injury situation is beyond a pisstake at the moment, but the way the team has coped is admirable. If someone had said 5 games into the season that we would be without our best central midfielder, one of our best wingers and our best Centre back all the way up until the end of January (and beyond), while our main rivals (Citeh & Spurs) suffer almost zero injuries to their squads and still only be 3 pts off the top, I would have said "no chance".

      The silver lining to the ridiculous amount of injuries and their lengths is that the likes of Young, Cleverley, Anderson and Smalling should be very fresh for the title run in. The squad (IN THEORY) should just get stronger and stronger from mid-February onwards with players returning on a near weekly basis.

      Young and Cleverley are close to a return, Scholes has started to get his sharpness back judging from his cameo against Arsenal (a classic cross field pass to Valencia helped set up the winning goal) and Carrick has played himself into great form in Anderson and Cleverley's absence (some of his passing yesterday was sublime). And with Young out, Valencia has turned in amazing performances. On current form he is would have been a bigger loss than Nani had he get injured instead. Giggsy has also performed well in the centre.

      So by beginning of March, we should be in a situation where we have in-form and returning Central Midfielders to choose from, a pool of defenders who have had plenty of game time between them, Valencia, Nani and Young fit and 4 strikers who have 6 or more League goals to their name for this season.

      Every cloud.........

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      • Lets hope so mate!
        It certainly hasn't gone that way the past couple of months though! Every week we get a player back, we lose someone else!

        Completely agree with how well the squad have coped though. CL was a disappointment but to be where we are in the league is excellent. If we're still in a similar position after this next run of big games (Chelsea/Spurs away, Liverpool home) i'll be very confident for the title run in

    • about time the club insisted on proper boots for the players instead of these stupid slippers they're wearing

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      • You have to start wondering what we're doing in training and how we play the game when you count all the injuries - not just this season by recent seasons. Alot of impact injuries and muscle pulls.

        It's probably just bad luck but you have to wonder! As for the 'slippers' - I would agree if it weren't for the fact that it wont just be Utd players who wear them so I'm not sure you can blame them. If we slipped all the time, like Smalling and Jones against Arsenal... oh wait a minute.......!!

        Wasn't Jones' injury a weird one - he just seemed to turn his ankle to push off when all he needed to do was keep his ankle rigid - like any normal person would do!

    • I know those two aren't far away devon, they should be back sometime around the Liverpool league match.

      If Carrick and/or Anderson don't make it for next weekend, then Pogba surely does have to get on the bench at least. Giggs and Scholes can't partner each other for 90 minutes, and i'm no fan of Park in central midfield.

    • haha i love how evans wasnt included as expierenced. But we have smalling, and fryers could grab a start