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    RSVP Robert M: Disgraceful Chelsea Ultras

    First Anders Frisk and now this. When are Chelsea's disgraceful fans going to stop? Have their club hierarchy no shame? Why haven't these ultras been eliminated/banned from your league yet? Full article below:

    Anton Ferdinand is believed to have been sent a bullet in the post ahead of Saturday's FA Cup tie between QPR and Chelsea.

    The incident happened less than 24 hours before the already highly charged fixture which kicks-off at midday on Saturday.

    A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We are investigating an allegation of malicious communication received today at QPR football club. Officers from Hammersmith and Fulhamare investigating."

    The package is believed to have contained a shotgun cartridge and a death threat.

    The new development came on the same day Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas insisted QPR's Ferdinand should shake hands withJohn Terry before the FA Cup clash at Loftus Road.

    Villas-Boas said he hoped and expected Ferdinand not to snub Terry, despite allegations the Rangers defender was the victim of a racist slur from the England captain during October's Premier League game between the sides.

    The players square off for the first time since then, and just four days before the court case begins in which Terry stands accused of abusing Ferdinand.

    Ferdinand is reportedly agonising over whether to shake Terry's hand, amid fears it could be viewed as hypocritical. Asked if it was important he did so, Villas-Boas said: "Extremely important, extremely important."

    He added: "This game is based on good values more than anything else. These players should continue to promote these good values."

    Villas-Boas reiterated he would not consider leaving out Terry and said he had not felt the need to check on his frame of mind this week.

    "No, not at all," he said. "I have to count on the player, and the player is fit and available for the game."

    He also revealed he had no plans to issue special instructions to his players reminding them to stay calm amid what is likely to be a hostile atmosphere.

    Admitting there were "extra responsibilities" to consider, he added: "I won't speak to the players specifically about that before the game, not at all."

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    • I'm not sure what sort of response you're expecting from me, posting this on 27 message boards.

      It goes without saying, I hope, that anyone found guilty of posting offensive or threatening mail to Anton Ferdinand, or anyone else, should be imprisoned, or whatever the appropriate punishment is, and banned from all football grounds for life. If the idiot who is reported to have done this is a Chelsea fan who attends Chelsea matches, then one more seat becomes available for a more sensible supporter.

      What you imagine the "club hierarchy" should feel ashamed about for the action of an idiot maybe supporter, I don't know. But then your style is shouting assertions and never backing them up. If you really have any interest in this beyond trying to make cheap shots, go and investigate what CFC have done in response to small numbers of fans singing songs about AF.



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      • and what exactly do you think chelsea could do to stop some idiot sending a bullet through the post? Insist that everyone who buys a ticket submits all their letters to chelsea so they can be checked. Or how about raids by chelseas stewards on the homes of season ticket holders. Every club has its fair share of idiots and apart from banning them for life when they are caught there is very little they can do to stop them. Besides there is no proof that the bullet was sent by a chelsea supporter, it could just as well have been sent by a racist thug who isn`t interested in football and has just latched on to a story that was in the news.