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  • Clive Clive Jan 28, 2012 18:46 Flag

    De Gea to blame????

    Not this time folks.
    The first goal should have been given as obstruction to him, the second goal was more down to Evra being way out of position.
    People have a pop a De Gea because he cost us so much, but we all knew then, we were not buying an experienced quality keeper, we were buying a fantastic prospect for the future, he is only 21, 15 years younger than VDS was when he joined us, so how good was VDS or Peter the great at 21 years old?

    Also remember that De Gea has come from a much slower and less physical style of play and has not been here for a year yet.

    For me Fergie either has to stick with playing him, to improve his ability and confidence or make a plan with De Gea to build him up in body, mind and ability, forgetting the high ammount he cost.

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    • I an I see your point, but to me having loads of possesion and not scoring goals and then sitting back defensively at 1-1 and then conceading a goal late on is not playing well. As Gerrad said in the end its who scores more goals that matters not the ammount of possesion.

    • Actually, I have no complaints about the defeat. It happens. We played brilliantly at times yesterday, but we didn't win. Why try finding blame all the time ? Things fucking happen. The team played well.

    • I agree, jim seems to have lost his marbles a bit, forgetting that we had so much possesion and did very little with it, never making the liverpool defence or keep work hard, how many shots on target did we have, not anywhere near enough for that ammount of possesion.
      But for that I blame Fergie, Fergie changed our style to possesion football, but without realising the teams he was trying to copy not only kept the ball but also used it well and scored plenty of goals; we have far too many times, since Ferigie changed our style of play, seen Utd having loads of possesion, without really treatening the other teams goal netting, and then sitting back in a more defensive manner in the latter stages, often leading to us conceading late goals. None of that is down to De Gea.

    • " he is a liability. People try to offer excuses, but his personal mistakes have been dircetly responsible for United being knocked out of 2 cup competitions and 3 points behind City" Ah, so it was ALL De Gea's fault was it ? So, you're blaming 1 person ? Absolutely pathetic post, and you should be ashamed. Give the guy a bloody chance. Were you slagging off Vidic and Evra when they first came ?

    • Robert, he is a liability. People try to offer excuses, but his personal mistakes have been dircetly responsible for United being knocked out of 2 cup competitions and 3 points behind City.
      I have hopes he could be swopped for a decent Spanish left back, otherwise we will be left with him rotting in the reserves with our other Polish reject ( who incidentally looked much more solid than this guy).

    • There is no right for the goalkeeper to have an unimpeded route to a cross or corner coming in. Far from him being obstructed for the first goal, if Liverpool hadn't scored they should have had a penalty for him blatantly fouling Andy Carroll.

      For the second goal I think his positioning was poor. He was too far away from his near post. Also most premiership keepers would probably have had the reflexes to stop the shot. Perhaps he could have narrowed the angle a bit more too. Certainly the defence was mostly to blame letting Kuyt in for a free shot but De Gea should probably have done better.

      All keepers make mistakes occasionally. Mine certainly has this season, particularly against Arsenal. This afternoon De Gea didn't have one of his finest matches.


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      • OK Robert, Carrol was standing right in front of De Gea, when the ball came over carrol made no effort to get to the ball, instead he moved slowly in the path De Gea would have to go to get to the ball, making sure he obscructed De Gea, Which is a foul, simply, refs give it as a foul sometimes, but forwards are trained to obtruct keepers in a way thats fools a ref, same as forwards are trained to go down in a fashion that looks like they have been shot.

    • i think Lindegaard should get to start. De Gea's mistakes should not be blamed on him, he just needs to develop a little more