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  • Robert M Robert M Jan 28, 2012 19:01 Flag

    De Gea to blame????

    There is no right for the goalkeeper to have an unimpeded route to a cross or corner coming in. Far from him being obstructed for the first goal, if Liverpool hadn't scored they should have had a penalty for him blatantly fouling Andy Carroll.

    For the second goal I think his positioning was poor. He was too far away from his near post. Also most premiership keepers would probably have had the reflexes to stop the shot. Perhaps he could have narrowed the angle a bit more too. Certainly the defence was mostly to blame letting Kuyt in for a free shot but De Gea should probably have done better.

    All keepers make mistakes occasionally. Mine certainly has this season, particularly against Arsenal. This afternoon De Gea didn't have one of his finest matches.


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    • OK Robert, Carrol was standing right in front of De Gea, when the ball came over carrol made no effort to get to the ball, instead he moved slowly in the path De Gea would have to go to get to the ball, making sure he obscructed De Gea, Which is a foul, simply, refs give it as a foul sometimes, but forwards are trained to obtruct keepers in a way thats fools a ref, same as forwards are trained to go down in a fashion that looks like they have been shot.