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  • Clive Clive Jan 28, 2012 19:27 Flag

    De Gea to blame????

    OK Robert, Carrol was standing right in front of De Gea, when the ball came over carrol made no effort to get to the ball, instead he moved slowly in the path De Gea would have to go to get to the ball, making sure he obscructed De Gea, Which is a foul, simply, refs give it as a foul sometimes, but forwards are trained to obtruct keepers in a way thats fools a ref, same as forwards are trained to go down in a fashion that looks like they have been shot.

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    • Just wondering if it would be a good idea for SAF to send de Gea out on loan to a championship club for the rest of the season. That would certainly help toughen him up, or at the very least play him in reserve games cause he certainly ain`t gonna learn how to cope with the physical sie of the English game just sitting on the bench.

    • So Carroll deliberately stood in front of De Gea and didn't get out of the way. So what? Every corner in every match is full of incidents like this with both sides at it. Most of the time it's the defending team trying to block off the strikers. Do you think the opposing team should have a penalty every time a United defender deliberately stands in the striker's way at a corner? no, of course you don't.


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      • you could ask why agger was given a free header - where was the challenge on him

      • Ok Robert I will explain it one last time.

        If an opposing player deliberatly stands in front, pressing his body against you and then moves with you to block your path, it is obstruction, whether it happens to a keeper, midfielder, forward or defender, but normally you only get 2 or more players intentionally blocking when its a keeper, at corners or free kicks.

        I say it should also be a free kick when defenders do that to stop a player getting the ball near the byline, you even see players doing that and then suddendly stopping, but making no effort to play the ball, its clear obstruction.