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  • Stash Stash Feb 1, 2012 13:16 Flag

    THE FA Reversed Saturdays game

    So are you suggesting someone in ferguson's family told a member of the panel to wrongly find suarez guilty?

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    • I reckon someone in Sir Alex's family told that fan to be racist too ? "It's everyone's fault but mine" The more you are in denial, the less chance of eradicating it.

    • I would think it awfully wrong that a supposed impartial panel clearly was not what it purported to be.

      • 1 Reply to Henry Beard!
      • Henry , are you saying that the F(erguson) A(lliance) is not impartial? Oh dear. Did they not listen to both player's words and then did not the F(erguson) A(llies) decide that poor little Evra couldn't possibly ever utter such mean spiteful words such as motherf@^ing ni**ger......I mean...where is the video proof of this occuring? Show me the video evidence of this , Henry , and I will then agree with you that Evra is a lying little poofter and that the F(erguson) A(rsehole manipulators) were biased unfair and manipulative. Such video evidence exists? Well , the F(erguson) A(lways twist facts to favour manure) will no doubt be apologising soon?

        Strange isn't it how the words of one lying hypocrite can be manipulated? Why its almost as if the F(erguson) A(lways gets his way) have an agenda to get other players suspended to help manure out. Funny that. And sad.