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  • Inter city Inter city Feb 5, 2012 15:46 Flag

    Best of Luck to Morrison...

    Its a good article giving people another perspective on the matter. Most of you here are relying on what you've read in the papers for information, which has been proved to be 99% garbage. The Welbeck and Fryers rumours fooled you all.
    If like me you're from Wythenshaw and know of Ravel, then you know this is a disturbed boy who isn't United material, it was a clever move by Fergue to get shot of him before he did any more damage.
    Some of you have no respect for the clubs traditions and history and have only supported the club since our post Cantona winning days. This stefan is a prime example, a private school boy who has never seen the team live in his life. You're not wanted and your opinion is worthless, go support someone else.