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    A Manchester United fan has been charged for shouting racist abuse at Stoke players during a Premier League game.

    Howard Hobson of Manchester is accused of a racially aggravated public order offence and using threatening words or behavior to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

    The 57-year-old fan was arrested at Old Trafford on Tuesday after a spectator who heard the comments complained to stewards. Hobson is to appear at Trafford Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday.

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    • Thanks for highlighting the difference between the Champ19ns and the vile Bin Dippers Wendy!

      We dont tolerate racism or racists.

      Liverpool turn the racist Suarez into a pariah, abuse race victim Evra and turn the whole episode into another one of 'their' fictional tragedies.

      Im just surprised they didn't organise another march considering how many T-shirts they made.

      Liverpool = SCUM

    • Lets not forget what SHMICHELLE called IAN WRIGHT of ar senal some years ago.
      I,ve always said WHAT GOE,S AROUND COMES AROUND.
      I wonder if this man would have been reported IF the recent events withSuarez & Terry had not been in the public domain. But i do agree, racism of ANY form is a NO,NO.

    • I just floated the issue -for want of a better word- debate. What has become apparent over the past few weeks is the issue of racism is a society issue. I dont think that any club is idiot free. What annoyed me is the blanket labbelling that can occur when these incidents happen.
      I am a Liverpool fan absolutely but i am also a Liverpool fan married to an 'ethnic minority' ...to use her expression.
      The Suarez issue was botched from the start and it is the generic stereotyping that has really annoyed.

      As i was trying to point out all clubs have idiots but the vast majority are decent people who know the difference between having a laugh with each other and being insulting.

      Awkward...because whatever the club...everyone has idiots...

    • She didn't tell me at the time. She told me later that evening. In the morning I phoned CFC and was put through to the person in charge of security at SB. John somebody, a former policeman. I don't know, but I think he is the middle-aged bloke who always stands at the front of the tunnel at Chelsea's home matches. You'll probably see him this afternoon.

      I told him what had happened and he said that if she made a formal complaint he would identify the three people concerned from their seat numbers and have them banned from SB. However, she didn't want to make a formal complaint so it didn't go any further.


    • Where did I say I was making reference to the Schmeichel incident then, knobhead?

      Perhaps there's something wrong with your reading, as in, reading things that are simply not even there!?

      Typical Man U knobhead, I have you so wound up with my presence on this board that you'll still keep biting at my posts long after I've logged off.


    • your right AGAIN, how do yu do it mate.

    • You appear to be asserting that I must have been a target of racial abuse to know know it is less serious than violence, and yet you say you haven't been the target of racial abuse and yet you think it just as serious as violence. That argument has no logic. If you can draw a conclusion on a particular level of experience so can I.

      I have been racially abused as it happens but the only times it bothered me were when stones were thrown at me for not looking Arabic. This happened on two separate occasions a decade apart. My former girlfriend (who isn't white) has been racially abused many times in this country, including in my presence. And, as it happens, at Stamford Bridge.


    • So you think it's a crime to attack someone who's robbing your home ? I don't .

    • I suspect you'll be disappointed if you think that. The FA tariff for his alleged offence, judging by the Suarez case, appears to be a four match ban and a fine.

      Cantona physically attacked a fan. Most people would see that as rather different and rather worse. Don't you?


    • It amuses me how so many of you Man U knobheads like to play at being the grammar police, yet you're all guilty of posting grammatical errors!

      Knobheads, the lot of you!


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