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  • Inter city Inter city Feb 5, 2012 18:28 Flag

    No 3 points? It doesn't MATA! LOL

    Of course you werent there, but its nice that you had your little moment, ours usually comes in an actual cup final and is rewarded with a trophy.

    Its flattering that you're watching all our games. Fortunately my local team is United, but I can understand why a lot of people around the country support United aswell as their local club due to their local team being so small, unsuccessful, and play such poor football.

    How long until the usual Newcastle collapse?

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    • Strange?

      In another thread on here you're bleating on how much you hate Man U gloryboy supporters and wish they'd support their local football club, but here you are bigging them up all of a sudden?

      Typical fickle Man U knobhead, always changing the tune to suit them!

      This is why you lot are hated, it's got sweet bugger all to do with jealousy, you deluded prat! LMFAO

      • 1 Reply to Ultimate ABU
      • Obviously sarcasm is lost on you! True I said I can understand it, but only because the average football fan nowadays is below average intelligence, is fickle and is a glory supporting prat. You should know what im talking about, you're supposedly a geordie, they're all thick as planks up there and constantly embarrassing themselves. You only need to go out in Newcastle once to know what Im talking about!