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    • Amen to that Dave

    • psredpool, Jim is right about one thing, there are many people on here that are only about mischief, so I can't blame him being a little jaded. However it’s just a shame that his barometer of what makes a good poster versus the rest has a litmus test based on who that person supports. I think almost by definition that would point to an attitude of tribe over anything or anyone else.

      There are a few decent posters on here, most are very biased, but it’s a manc board so why shouldn’t they be biased toward their club. But those that are also open to other thoughts even f they don't always agree can be stimulating to discuss football with. I'd welcome those on the LFC board to be honest, just a shame we get so many of the crude kind, or those who prefer to pretend to be anyone but themselves.

    • ust brought tickets to the greatest comedy event of the year.

      Manchester United in the Europa League.

    • Well Jim, given that you have popped me on ignore I guess you won't be reading this.

      It's just that I, and hopefully others, notice that you still haven't answered the question.

      I haven't put you on ignore so if you ever wish to discuss anything with me again, feel free.

    • I only post on here about issues related to United, and have no wish to enter into fruitless discussions with you or anyone else about other things. In this case , your personal appreciation or otherwise about a blog, which only you seem to be pursuing.
      Before I put you on 'ignore' , I will say this.
      It is my experience that the only reason the vast majority of posts are made on this board from other than United fans is to cause mischief. Usually its either banal or rude. Occasionally someone posts 'clever' comments, which are nevertheless intended to promote the egos of the poster and their 'loyalties'. Personally I have no longer any wish to pamper to their 'needs'.
      I enjoy the comments of a limited group of fellow United fans about issues related to the club. There is the very odd exception to that, but its very rare. My rationale for this, is not because of what you infer, a 'hatred' of other clubs, but rather a rational decision taken from experience of poster's mentallity that spend time on other club's boards.
      I have no wish to 'inflict' my views on you , and you have an easy way of ensuring I don't.

    • Well Jim, it wasn't me that said I wanted to stop posting on the thread now was it?

      I see you avoided answering my question. Care to have a stab at doing so?

    • PPS, and you can try very hard not to have the last say, as well!

    • You might think the article is BS. Me and others might think that it has merit.

      The central point though is this ...

      Why is it that you think the only reason that I and other Liverpool supporters can think the article has merit is because, in your opinion, it supports Suarez? Why do you not feel the same about Stefan?

      If it is solely because I support Liverpool and he supports Utd then doesn't this display the "ludicrous tribal behaviour" you accuse others of?

      It's a very simple question.

      Ps. if you wish to end the thread, all you have to do is not respond.

    • Last point first; I said on this thread nothing about the board.
      You clearly have not read my previous posts when referring to Liverpool prior to the Suarez incident. I have never expressed 'hate' or anything like it. Indeed I have criticised other posters on here for not recognising the fact that its the rivalry between two great clubs so near each other that defines them both in so many ways. I have always said I much prefer to see a 'real' club like Liverpool succeed rather than a newly enriched one like Chelsea ( or now City).
      You ask my age, well its old enough to sniff BS when I hear it or read it. The article that started this thread is in my view a concocted load of BS trying to be clever but actually of no substance. It is not of sufficient merit to deserve comment, so I was intrigued why it stimulated some from Liverpool 'visitors'. I realised it contained a portion that could be read to support the recent Liverpool FC stance on the Suarez affair. Hence my remarks.
      I think I have stayed 'on topic' with my comments on this article and the responses. Indeed it is you that has now personalised the exchange. It is best now to end this thread.

    • Jim I'm not sure you know exactly what the article is about. Your criticism seems to be your perceived view of the authors opinion on the Suarez case, which is reinforced by you jumping to the conclusion it must be a bad article because a Liverpool supporter (how dare they come on this message board) thought it was a good article.

      The bottom line is this article is not critical of the decision about Suarez but is a critic of the press and their recent and apparent opposite reactions to recent news concerning racism and nationality. Fact is both PS and I are both Liverpool supporters but have opposite views on the Suarez case, yet both of us seem to think this article has merit. That is because the article is not about Suarez’s guilt or innocence it’s about how the press reacted to the verdict with such moral authority, yet seem to have a very different perspective when it comes to prejudice based upon nationality.

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