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  • Neil Neil Feb 9, 2012 12:56 Flag

    Best article I've read in a while

    Although I agree we should be looking for the best person for the job and not worrying about nationality, I do think we should at least consider the merits of going for an English manager and the thinking behind it.

    I don't think it's racist or Xenophobic for the press to say go for English. Them calling for English over foreign could be due to the country needing to restore pride - English pride. And what better way than to have an English figurehead? It's about a message sent out to other countries/teams. We are England. Call that tribal if you like but it's not racist. And sometimes the mind is a simple one and the collective minds at the FA may decide - well, the foreign approach hasn't worked, so what not go back to basics...English?

    Wow, I don't usually stick up for the press!

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    • whilst I found the article interesting, i felt the so called facts were cherry picked and put aqn unfair slant on the topic. I'll not leap to the defence of hacks who are so fickle they change their mind more often than their underwear.
      Is English a race ? I am sure it wouldn't be considered a breed by crufts, bing therefore not racist. Can anyone of a more diverse population than in England ? xenophobic?
      Perhaps they mean someone with good English language skills so the manager canat least communicate to the team, quickly, precisely and understood

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      • It may not be racists to insist on an English manager over someone from foreign shores, but the article is not suggesting it is. It's saying it’s Xenophobic which may not be as bad as being a racist, but it’s not far of it.

        At the very least it’s a prejudice standpoint to prefer to appoint someone based on nationality rather than quality.

        But in actuality an English manager candidate should have all the advantages. Most likely well known to the blazers at the FA, well versed in the language (spoken at least if not written - Sorry Harry), already living in the country, and one would hope very knowledgeable about the players eligible for selection. But as the article states, when the favorite has just one major trophy it speaks volumes about the quality of English managers.

        I think the FA, the press and others need to think hard about do they want to have pride in the fact the team including all the staff were English but not good enough, or do they want to get the best out of the English team that is possible. I would also think many of the players, who are often labeled as world class but never seem to live up to that label on the world stage, would also want the best coach to lead them to their full potential, but I understand even some of them would prefer English mediocrity.