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  • Paddy Paddy Feb 10, 2012 12:50 Flag

    Best article I've read in a while

    Hi Jim

    I'm a Liverpool supporter and have replied to this post in the positive so I guess that a portion of your post is aimed at me?

    I'm happy once more to remind you of my position regarding Suarez - as I have posted here many times I think the FA were right to ban him and Liverpool should have extended it. Also, if you read my post you will see that it doesn't mention Suarez but is aimed at my opinion of how the press and our FA deal with football (another example of which is the re-hashing of an 18 year-old news story against Stuart Pearce aimed at undermining him before he's had a match in charge of the National team).

    Given all of that - you might want to rethink your statement that "the only reason a Liverpool supporter thinks its 'good' is because it comes out slightly against the FA in the Suarez case." - do you not think?

    Finally can I kindly ask you to judge my opinion by what I actually write rather than the team I support? Doing otherwise just displays the "ludicrous tribal behaviour" you once accused others of.

    • No, I stand by my comments.
      The article concoted a reverse-logic position on the FA and Suarez which attempted to criticise the FA and by extension gave support to the 'Liverpool' view expounded by Dalglish on many occasions.
      You, as a Liverpool supporter, could have remained silent on this thread, but instead chose to affirm your support for the article.