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  • BradGuy BradGuy Feb 10, 2012 17:48 Flag

    Best article I've read in a while

    "And the only reason a Liverpool supporter thinks its 'good' is because it comes out slightly against the FA in the Suarez case."

    Is Stefan a Liverpool supporter? Because he is the one who gave the link to the article and chose as title of the thread "Best article..."

    I've read the article and I too don't think that the author has criticised the FA over the Suarez issue. He is merely giving an opinion, with his arguments in support, on what he perceives to be the hypocrisy of the hacks. He is basically putting in opposition the anti-racist stance of the press with their apparent xenophobic tendencies. In essence he is questioning whether someone can be anti racist and at the same time be xenophobic. He is entitled to his opinion and has the right to voice it out.

    We, as readers, have the freedom to agree or not with his opinion but I don't think it's a sign of tolerance for someone to dismiss an article which he doesn't agree with simply by qualifying it as " Juvenile and without much merit."