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    • Although I agree we should be looking for the best person for the job and not worrying about nationality, I do think we should at least consider the merits of going for an English manager and the thinking behind it.

      I don't think it's racist or Xenophobic for the press to say go for English. Them calling for English over foreign could be due to the country needing to restore pride - English pride. And what better way than to have an English figurehead? It's about a message sent out to other countries/teams. We are England. Call that tribal if you like but it's not racist. And sometimes the mind is a simple one and the collective minds at the FA may decide - well, the foreign approach hasn't worked, so what not go back to basics...English?

      Wow, I don't usually stick up for the press!

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      • whilst I found the article interesting, i felt the so called facts were cherry picked and put aqn unfair slant on the topic. I'll not leap to the defence of hacks who are so fickle they change their mind more often than their underwear.
        Is English a race ? I am sure it wouldn't be considered a breed by crufts, bing therefore not racist. Can anyone of a more diverse population than in England ? xenophobic?
        Perhaps they mean someone with good English language skills so the manager canat least communicate to the team, quickly, precisely and understood

    • Couldn't agree more Stefan.

      I was listening to some journos discussing this a while back. One guy was saying that picking a foreign coach is a form of cheating - everyone should be from the country being represented. In the next breath - and with no apparent irony - he suggested that one of Arry, Pardew or Martin O'Neil should be the next manager! I'm sure you can spot the flaw.

      And our glorious FA still react to press opinion!

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      • Couldn't agree LESS Stefan.
        This is one of those 'clever contrarian' articles that appears smart by takink an opposite view to the majority.
        And the only reason a Liverpool supporter thinks its 'good' is because it comes out slightly against the FA in the Suarez case.
        Juvenile and without much merit.
        By the way I personally couldn't give a 'monkeys' who gets the England job, but I don't like the idea of Mourinho ending up at Spurs this summer.

      • If you take this article to its logical conclusion countries like Germany, Italy and Spain are racist because they only consider candidates from their own country when it comes to picking a manager for their national sides. Where a national comes from says something about the state of football in your country. Whether people like the author of the article likes it or not picking a foreign manager for your national side is viewed in the wider football world as something that the weaker football nations do. If England want to be continue to be seen a one of the big names in world football they need to have an Englishman in charge. And what has theSuarez affair got to do with picking the next England manager? To claim as the article appears to do that the fa are racist because they found Suarez guilty of racist abuse ignores the fact that Evra is French so its not a case of them taking the word of an Englishman against a foeigner.

    • Stefan, why use such language?
      I think he is peddling the 'Liverpool' line whilst hiding behind a pseudo-intellectual veneer.
      Why comment at all on a thread on a United Board? And please don't say its 'public', because nobody made him to hit the keyboard.

    • PSredpool took a principled stance on the Suarez affair, which drew a lot of flack from other LFC supporters.

      IIRC, he also suggested that LFC should sell Suarez, as they don't need that kind of person in their club.

      I find his comments generally balanced and worthy of respect.

    • It is my opinion that the article was as I described it. I know exactly what it was trying to describe, but I don't think it was good, clever or any other positive description. It was merely a statement by the the author 'how clever am I'.

    • Jim I'm not sure you know exactly what the article is about. Your criticism seems to be your perceived view of the authors opinion on the Suarez case, which is reinforced by you jumping to the conclusion it must be a bad article because a Liverpool supporter (how dare they come on this message board) thought it was a good article.

      The bottom line is this article is not critical of the decision about Suarez but is a critic of the press and their recent and apparent opposite reactions to recent news concerning racism and nationality. Fact is both PS and I are both Liverpool supporters but have opposite views on the Suarez case, yet both of us seem to think this article has merit. That is because the article is not about Suarez’s guilt or innocence it’s about how the press reacted to the verdict with such moral authority, yet seem to have a very different perspective when it comes to prejudice based upon nationality.

    • Last point first; I said on this thread nothing about the board.
      You clearly have not read my previous posts when referring to Liverpool prior to the Suarez incident. I have never expressed 'hate' or anything like it. Indeed I have criticised other posters on here for not recognising the fact that its the rivalry between two great clubs so near each other that defines them both in so many ways. I have always said I much prefer to see a 'real' club like Liverpool succeed rather than a newly enriched one like Chelsea ( or now City).
      You ask my age, well its old enough to sniff BS when I hear it or read it. The article that started this thread is in my view a concocted load of BS trying to be clever but actually of no substance. It is not of sufficient merit to deserve comment, so I was intrigued why it stimulated some from Liverpool 'visitors'. I realised it contained a portion that could be read to support the recent Liverpool FC stance on the Suarez affair. Hence my remarks.
      I think I have stayed 'on topic' with my comments on this article and the responses. Indeed it is you that has now personalised the exchange. It is best now to end this thread.

    • You might think the article is BS. Me and others might think that it has merit.

      The central point though is this ...

      Why is it that you think the only reason that I and other Liverpool supporters can think the article has merit is because, in your opinion, it supports Suarez? Why do you not feel the same about Stefan?

      If it is solely because I support Liverpool and he supports Utd then doesn't this display the "ludicrous tribal behaviour" you accuse others of?

      It's a very simple question.

      Ps. if you wish to end the thread, all you have to do is not respond.

    • PPS, and you can try very hard not to have the last say, as well!

    • Well Jim, it wasn't me that said I wanted to stop posting on the thread now was it?

      I see you avoided answering my question. Care to have a stab at doing so?

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