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  • redevildetester redevildetester Feb 10, 2012 21:56 Flag

    Ryan Giggs

    Firstly as a footballer player I admire giggs, but is it a reflection on the finances at OT, that they have give contract extentions to 38 year olds. With gates of 70.000 plus every home game they should be bringing in world class players. when was the last time they signed one of those, The MU fans will say that utd won the prem last season, and of course this is true, but the investment by the noisy neighbours,and their future spending power, were will that leave utd,or maybe the Glaizers are holding back on the big money until fergie goe,s. dicussion please.

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    • I hope Giggs keeps playing til he's 50!

      Long may he continue playing for us, whether he's strolling past a fat Gerrard or whipping crosses in for our strikers to score the winner like against Chelski.....the man is a United LEGEND.

    • So, players can't sign extensions to contracts ? Giggs is still miles better than anyone you have

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      • You miss the point again, the core of my post was utds ability to buy in WORLD CLASS PLAYERS, not whether giggs should get an extention to his contract. Wake up and smell the coffee.
        giggs is still a very good player, get it NUMPTY.

      • as a matter of fact, giggs is past it but united don't have the money for a suitable replacement

      • Ian, there is nothing wrong with signing players to extensions, and I actually think it might be a shrewd move to keep him another year if his legs are still up for it. But do you really think he's still miles better than other midfielders?

        He's still got lots of quality, but to me he seems a safe pair of hands (or feet) but comparing him to many of the central midfielders (where he seems to play more often these days) I'm not sure he's even the equal of others at top clubs let alone miles ahead of them. I might rank Gerrard higher, but then again I'm biased, but also consider Modric, Silva, or Mata, do you think Giggs is still miles ahead of them?

        I do think it is as I said a shrewd move, and he may well still be able to provide quality in depth to your squad. However I would be a little concerned on two fronts. Is he either better than what you've got in the pipeline from your youngsters and will be for at least the next year, and or is he better than what you can realistically afford in the transfer market to replace him with?