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  • SAF is right he`s a disgrace. Today he let everyone associated with liverpool down, including Dalglish. At his pre-match press conference Dalglish told everyone that Suarez would shake Evra`s hand because that`s what the player told him he would do. In the end Suarez put himself first with no thought for how his actions would rebound on the club and the manager who had gone to great - and many would say foolish - lengths to defend him. Suarez`s refusal to shake Evra`s hand today showed that as far as he`s concerned that support only runs one way - to him - and that he`s not prepared to put himself out in any way to repay liverpool`s loyalty.

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    • So you'd like to leave it at that? Cast a slanderous statement and walk away. Very stylish Ian, very becoming of you.

    • Have you still got guilt issues about being white then, Harris?

      If so, can I suggest you find yourself a large cliff and whilst at the top, walk to the edge of it and then jump.

      It would solve all your problems!


    • " You still on this Ian? I know united did not play this weekend so you might have been a little bored but surely you could find something better to think or write about than a Liverpool player.". So, you won't condemn racism steer. Ok, fair enough. At least people know what you are here. Let's leave it at that.

    • You still on this Ian? I know united did not play this weekend so you might have been a little bored but surely you could find something better to think or write about than a Liverpool player.

    • So Suarez says he doesn't speak to blacks, and "the race card comes out"? Well, yes, because Suarez brought it out.

      Evra hasn't complained about abuse before, so I think he's showed he can take it, and not just "dish it out". Abuse is one thing, but racism should not be tolerated, and Suarez (and you) have no reason to start whining when it is not.

      The childishness and disrespect of Suarez refusing the handshake is qualitatively different to Rio refusing to shake his hand as a result.

      You know what? This is no "one rule for others" thing. The minute one of our players racially abuses someone, and then compunds the insult by refusing to apologise and insulting them and their club, I will very sincerely join the calls for them to leae the club. I don't want that kind of player playing for United. I guess I just have higher standards than you.

    • That article doesn't exactly make him look good. He might not have called him "petit negre", but he called him "negro" at least 5 times, and said that was why he fouled him and wouldn't talk to him.

    • Wrong slaphead, Suarez never called Evra a "petit negre" - you're talking S H I T E !

      Read this and try again, you stupid old lying sausage jockey!


    • Well steer, first of all, to answer your question, I don't care if someone swears in front of the cameras. I really don't. I do care when a player calls another player "petit negre" 10 times in a match , as Suarez did I do care when the same player promises his manager that he would shake the hand of the player he racially abused, to end the affair, then doesn't. Suarez should have been banned for 9 months, not 8 games.

    • Suarez missed Evra's handshake only because he was concentrating on the next one in line with De Gea (Shaking Stevens).
      Suarez must have thought if he gives Shakey his hand he'd drop it...

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      • Difficult to tell if that was meant to be a joke or an excuse. Either way it was pretty pathetic.

      • The scousers are defending the indefensible . Steer said before the FA case, that he would accept their decision and who ever was found to be lying should be banned. Suarez said who ever was found to be lying would have to apologise. Suarez and steer have both back tracked. The scousers would deny the holocaust and say Hitler was misunderstood if he had played for them. But if we are all honest if the roles were reversed , we would back our player. We would suddenly believe in the cultural differences. We would , it does not make it right. But the vast majority of us would do it. So seriously, let's forget about Suarez, and focus on football. It's even more fun to point out how far behind us Liverpool are now.

    • Ian, you've still not explained how you get from not appreciating swearing on the TV to condoning racism, but I'll chalk that up as another on the long list of questions you don't answer.

      As for your own question, which is completely unrelated to your statement regarding foul language on the box, I will answer it.

      I do not condemn Suarez's conduct during the Anfield match as I don't accept the verdict of the FA panel. I do not condone racism in any way shape of form, however for me while the panel did find, and Evra agreed that Suarez is not a racist, in my opinion they did not prove that he used racist language.

      If your opinion is that they did, then fair enough, you'd be in good company along with almost everyone in the press, and of course the panel itself. But for me, and you'll agree with this if you have read the full report, they found it more likely than not that Suarez abused Evra by referring to his race based on their opinion that Evra was a more credible witness than Suarez.

      To me that is not proof that he is a racist so I'll not rise to your bait and condemn him as one.

      As for the lack of handshake, I find it unfortunate that he did not take the opportunity to draw a line under the whole affair, although I'm sure many on here would still bleat on about it whether he had shook his hand or not, but I'm not going to condemn a man for not shaking a mans hand in a ritual which is supposed to be about respect when neither man like nor respect each other. For that matter there is no reason to be too critical of Rio as he also decided to join in the petulant tit for tat behavior.

      I'll also not condemn Evra's reaction to not having his hand shook, or his little outburst at the end of the match in trying to taunt Suarez. I find those both also unfortunate. Neither man decided to take the high road, but neither I think are worth condemning.

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