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    suarez topic

    so mr ferguson, suarez is a disgrace. well, so must be rio ferdinand as well. He refused to shake the proffered hand of suarez ! just as bad as the rest.
    You can hardly call it english football now as there are so many foreign players in our sides.

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    • clive that still doesnt make sense. you arent getting it.

      "Refusing to shake evra's hand was a snub or him trying to say evra was wrong to speak out, and if you shook the hand of some who was that disrepectful towards your friend, after being racist towards your friend, then you are not a good friend"

      your bascially saying your not a good friend if u shake someones hand who was racist & disrespectful to your teammate. but u are a good friend if u shake someones hand who was racist to your teammate.
      this means u are saying a snubbed handshake is much worse than racist insults.

      that logic does not make sense.

    • To be fair Steve the replay did show that Rio got a good piece of the ball, so Phil Dowd got it right, even though I was on the edge of my seat live thinking he might have been late earning him an early shower and a real advantage to us. But it was also a very close tackle that took Suarez down, so I'm not surprised that he might have felt he was fouled and therefore deserving of something.

      To be honest I'm not a fan of Suarez's behavior after tackles, but I don't find it any worse than a host of other players like your own Nani, or Drogba or a host of other players who seem to act it up, only to jump up soon after. Personally I'm a bit old fashion and think its okay to ask if you think you've been fouled, but once you've got a shake of the head from the man in black any more discussion is going to cause you more harm than good, so you might as well get on with it.

      But unfortunately that is a feature of the modern game, with no one any worse than anyone else, so if that is his worst crime, I think I can live with it. No one's perfect.

    • Miss Evra is as much to blame as Miss Suarez,Evra raised his hand to shake the players before Suarez when he is next he clearly keeps it low, Suarez sees this and walks on, not wanting to be snubbed by Evra, so Evra reacts by grabbing his arm.What a load of pig shit by two people supposed to be men.That's the fucking end of this.

    • now, now veteran- everyone knows u should shake the hand of a racist but not of someone who snubs your team mates handshake!

    • Yawn ...