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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 15, 2012 17:03 Flag

    Evra is the biggest Coward Manipulator in Football

    This coward drags her own club down to her level. She deliberately manipulated the so-called handshake and SHE caused the whole controversy. The FA ( Ferguson's anal-boys Always agree ) going after Luis Suarez doesn't detract from the cold hard fact that little lying hypocrite Evra deliberately provoked this whole sorry mess.

    SHE withheld her own hand ( view the film....manc deny-the-facts-cretins ). Your precious little bisexual weasel deliberately caused this whole mess. Not Suarez. Your little poofter woman Evra caused this.

    Evra causes this kind of rubbish wherever she goes. And she's your captain? That says it all doesn't it?

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