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  • stefan t stefan t Feb 16, 2012 15:08 Flag

    Milan 4 Van Persie 0

    Vito, I agree with some of your sentiments. Many on here and in the English media say that Serie A is rubbish without watching it at all. There are many excellent players, especially young, in the league, and the quality is spread more evenly.

    However, Milan are still a long way from their heavenly best. Robinho is painfully inconsistent. You are too reliant on Ibra (who I was delighted to see give a slap in the face to all the idiots in Britain who call him overrated for the reasons I've stated above). Antonini is rubbish - Walcott made him look good because he is even worse. You still have fundamental problems in midfield - Arsenal not pressing MVB last night made him look a lot better than he is these days. El Sharaawy is a find, and the decision to bring back Merkel was excellent (why was he let go of in the first place?!). But in short, you are about 4 players short of challenging - left back, another central defender, and two midfielders to replace the two veteran Dutchmen.

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    • Your title sums up arsenal`s problem - they are a one man team. Without Fabregas, Nasri and the injured Wilshere their midfield is lighweight and their defence is a joke. Upfront, they have van Persie and litte else. Oxlade-Chamberlain is an exciting talent but he`s very inexperienced and too much is beign expected of him at this stage in his career. Ramsey is a good player but he is beginning to show the strain of trying to keep arsenal`s midfield ticking over and looks very jaded. Last night was the end result of losing too many good players and replacing them with average players, some of whom like Benayoun and Arteta are past their best.