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  • Clive Clive Feb 16, 2012 21:08 Flag

    Style of play

    My 2nd post in the Ajax v Utd thread made me think a bit more.
    We are struggling in the league now for many reasons, money and 1 other main reason; When Fergie started to change the way we played, from blistering counter attacking football to possession football the prem only had a few teams that had good enough players to take advantage of the slower style of football, now the teams in the prem have got much better, and they know that against Utd they will have time to get back to defend and chances to score themselves.
    We can now keep the ball more than before, but it now, genrally, takes ages for us to go from defence to shooting, often leading players to loose concentration and get sloppy.
    I dont think it was right to change our style in that way, the better way would have been to do that over a long term process, focussing on bringing in young players from the nations that play that way from youth upwards; the way we played before caused teams to fear us and the players we brought in come from nations who mainly play that style of football. Fergie himself never played or managed that style before, nor did any of the assitant managers.
    And we won one euro cup in the old style and won one euro cup in the new style, yes we got to one more final, but that was against a team that has players who were brought up playing that way and play that way with the killer edge and we got seriously spanked by them.
    I believe that if we played against Barca again they would do the same to us, so I hope that our next manager re-looks at the style of play, as I dont believe Fergie will be willing to do that.

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