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  • Paddy Paddy Mar 3, 2012 08:27 Flag

    Changing the rules for red cards

    Radical Robert, but it does seem to make sense. I guess the only thing against it would be that it might encourage even more diving outside of the box (as the potential reward is bigger).

    • I should have added there should be a video ref to sort it out. Sorry - that goes without saying to me. One day we will have this and wonder how we ever managed without.

      Maybe a deliberate dive should get a penalty at the other end :)


    • An increase in diving is that really possible, all our teams are guilty. We only have to hear comments like Stuart Pearce's about England players having to be more streetwise says that its accepted at the top of the game

    • rob, have u seen how bad the refs are now? imagine given them the licence to award a goal to a team! it would be shocking. a good idea if we had good refs.

      devon, a free kick is nothing like a pen. most dead ball specialists rarely even score them. ronaldo is 1 of the best, but this season in la liga he has scored 0 from about 30 attempts!