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    Changing the rules for red cards

    "The law-makers will also be asked to change the rule for an automatic red card for denying a goal-scoring opportunity.

    FIFA are proposing that a red card should only be automatic outside the penalty area and that if a spot-kick is awarded then the referee should only dismiss the culprit for "denying an opponent an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by holding or an offence committed from behind inside his own penalty area when he has no opportunity to play the ball".



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    • i had been hoping they do this for a while now. a pen & red card for a mistimed challenge is too severe.

      a yellow & a pen in the area, & a red & free kick outside makes the most sense.

      a free kick & a yellow would be too soft.

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      • Dont be stupid, a foul that deserves a red card outside the box should also be given a red inside the box, a pen should only be given if the foul stopped a clear goal chance.

        A foul that deserves a yellow in one area should never be a red in any other area.

        Also what counts as a foul out of the box area should be a foul anywhere and the other way as well, certainly blocking a player from the ball when making no attempt to play the ball is a foul in the middle of the field, but not counted as a foul when stopping a forward getting the ball and letting it go out for a goal kick, make the rules simple a foul is a foul, a yellow card is a yellow card and a red a red, no matter where on the pitch.

        But you will always have the refs interpretation to argue about to one degree or another.

      • err could someome explain why the same offence should carry different coloured cards just because in one area of the pitch its a freekick and in the other its a penalty? Yeah a penalty gives a team the chance to score a goal but so often does a freekick - most teams include at least one dead ball specialist. You might as well say that a red card should only be shown if the opposition don`t score from the resulting penalty/freekick.

      • wouldn't it be better if any foul denying a goal scoring opportunity whether in penalty area or not should be yellow and penalty, ay least it would stop the commentators prattling on whether in the box or not for half an a hour.
        Though all these supposed fouls should be rigorously viewed to check whether its a dive or not and if it's a dive a 3 match ban should follow

    • It seems nuts to me. A deliberate foul outside the box is given a red when inside the box is a yellow? Surely the offence is worse inside the box? And why distinguish inside the box between some deliberate professional fouls and others? What about the deliberate handball on the line that stops a certain goal? That is now only to be a yellow when lesser fouls are still to be red?

      The current system is a mess but this will make it worse rather than better. The problem at the moment is that free kicks and penalties can under compensate and over compensate the victim team. And the award of the yellow or red will generally under penalise or over penalise the offence. It's too arbitrary.

      I would favour the following. If the ref decides there is a deliberate foul outside the box preventing a goal scoring opportunity then he awards a penalty and no card. If the foul is inside the box then he awards a penalty goal, as in rugby, and no card. Simpler and, in my view, more effective.


    • Robert even the easist chances can be missed so I think it would be very difficult to argue that but for a cynical foul the opposition would have scored. There is only one offence which obviously prevents a goal and that is a deliberate handball on the line and for that reason I think that is the only offence where a `penalty goal` should be awarded.

    • I haven't argued that and wouldn't. The current system doesn't assume that but in giving both a penalty and a red card it is applying a punishment bigger than mine. The intention was to be a deterrent but it's very arbitrary. Mine should also be a deterrent but it's a lot less arbitrary.


    • he can, but its designed as a tool for repeated infringement, rather than an isolated infringement

    • In Rugby Union a penalty try is awarded if a try would probably have been scored but for foul play by the defending team. A penalty try is awarded if a try would probably have been scored in a better position but for foul play by the defending team. A penalty try is awarded between the goal posts. The defending team may charge the conversion kick after a penalty try.

    • and a Welshman at that, I thought all Welshmen were up on the rules of rugby